The outcomes of this work will contribute to revealing the next generation of thermal management and energy harvesting devices based on TMD materials.  The expected high impact publications during the project will contribute to the excellence and visibility of the European Research area at the forefront in nanoscience research. The timeliness and interest brought by the results of the action will likely bring new developments in nanoscale thermal transport and devices that will strengthen and expand the research and innovation efforts in this field and in turn create new career opportunities for which the researcher will be in prime position to compete. The project will set the foundation for future ICT and energy conversion innovations depending on thermal management, including cooling/heating and thermoelectricity, in accordance with priorities fixed in the H2020 work program. This project will definitely have a strong impact on the candidate’s career by establishing him as a versatile expert on thermal transport at the nanoscale while consolidating and broadening his network and visibility among his peers, especially in Europe. It will also impact both the 2D materials and heat transport fields at the European level in terms of scientific pioneering and knowledge that can be used for energy harvesting and ICT innovations. The wealth of the novel findings will drastically enhance the prospects of TMD materials for thermal management and further boost their integration in the main semiconductor industry.